Signal App for Android Users

Signal App for Android Users

Signal App gave its first appearance in the Apple’s App Store last year. This free end-to-end encrypted app ensures easy calling and texting messages. The Signal app has become the darling app of this private community and is recommended by most of the active users of this app.

Open Whisper systems announced the launch of this Signal app for Android phone users for the first time which later combined end-to-end encryption in text and call maintaining the privacy of content being discussed in your conversation. This is not the first time when Open Whisper Systems surprised its users.

Initially, Open Whisper systems released a voice app called Red phone and a text program called TextSecure for Android users in 2010. Both of these apps are encrypted and ensure your data privacy. Now the Open Whisper systems have combined these two apps into a single Signal App. Now the users don’t have to install two different apps on their system rather they can install the signal and enjoy the benefits of downloading two apps in a single app.

This encryption tool by Open Whisper Systems has a wider footprint as per the stats given by the Google Play store. TextSecure app has been successfully downloaded by millions of Android phone users. After 2013, this app Textsecure was integrated into a CyanogenMod by default. This app supports Android-to-Android communications and puts the Open Whisper Systems’ amongst a half-a-billion Android users.

The Signal app being open-source has been tested by highly-qualified and experienced cryptographers who have audited this app and given approval or certification for the trusted encryption.

Open Whisper Systems, is funded by a number of personal donations and has been granted by groups like Open Technology Fund by the U.S. government and most likely this app doesn’t enjoy the same popularity amongst other law abiding agencies.

James Comey, the Director at FBI has been repeatedly warning the Congress over the past few years about the dangers that these consumer encryption programs have.

British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron even warned to put a ban on Whatsapp this summer season because Whatsapp is also based on TextSecure for exchanging text messages.

This Signal App can comfortably operate in any environment.

This app runs smoothly on chrome browser.

Hope these details will brief you on various facts related to this app for Android users.

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