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Over the past month, the messaging app Signal has seen a spike in downloads ever since protesters found out their data was used by local law enforcement. It created a general uneasiness around the most used messaging application, WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.

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In the early weeks of June, Signal saw more than 180,000 new downloads with the number on the rise. The question of who owns Signal is essential for the people who have opted for the service. Signal operates as a nonprofit, while Facebook’s owner doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to wrongdoing in the data department. Signals downloads have usually spiked in times of public unrest. The Signal is the official messenger app of times of crisis.

Signal also provides additional features for its users, including a feature that allows users to delete their messages after a certain amount of time. Another useful feature the application offers is the ability for users to blur out pictures. Ever since reports surfaced of law enforcement using images shared through WhatsApp to track down protestors, people have been growing wary and have opted to choose safer options. The blur tool provides precisely that as all of the processing happens locally on your phone, so it removes the possibility of your data transferred elsewhere.

The different type of encryption app uses putting 50 million infusions from WhatsApp to have good use out of it. Making features from that money that help their work to go mainstream.

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As signal messenger brings their secure messaging back, this gives the people some trust and knowledge that the data is secured and cannot leak. With a growing population of people who do not trust many big companies like Facebook, Signal represents an encrypted solution that has proven to be more comforting than the other standard options available to everyone. Signal messenger not only comfort their users but also gives features that help raise their voices in the community so the people can know what’s going in the world. What’s wrong? And what’s right? Signal messenger is an excellent app to make things happen.

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