The Naked Truth about Signal Messenger for Desktop

The Naked Truth about Signal Messenger for Desktop

Signal Messaging App is an open-source encrypted messaging app that you can now get from the Chrome web store. This messaging app is on mobile already on mobile, but it is now available for desktop. It makes use of the same security technology which powers the immeasurably trendy WhatsApp, namely uninterrupted encryption. This stops even the company who are at the back of the servers of the app from seeing the messages you are exchanging, making sure that your private conversations are kept out of the hands of superfluous lurkers.

Signal messaging app was developed by a group of developers who have maintained their ground on privacy issues in the past, thereby making it a less ominous option to the behemoth social messaging app from Facebook.

It was sometimes ago that Signal beta was first released for desktop to a selected host of specifically invited users who were enthusiastic to try out the software. The Open Whisper System who developed this app still claims to be improving the feel and appearance of the service, causing increased traffic, although it doesn’t have virtually the install base as Whatsapp.

In Signal Messenger, it is possible for users to pull up chat windows to exchange a few words in either group or individual settings with the additional capability to affix videos and photos, like Google Hangouts or iMessage. Regrettably, even as the mobile app brags an audio calling feature, it is conspicuously missing on the desktop version. Meanwhile, video calling is absent from both of them. There is a solid reason for the omission.

The fact is that video and voice calling is not all that easy to execute in a browser securely. On the other hand, that doesn’t give explanation about why video calling can be attained in the mobile version, or why there is not a separate desktop app autonomous from a browser. After all, not everybody uses Chrome.

Despite the fact that Signal Messaging App is originating from a miniature charity organization group, its offering on mass market plea is crucial for the app, while messenger apps missing an audience don’t have a tendency to get quite far. Let us wait and see if the encryption capabilities of the app are adequate to attract users.

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