Signal Messaging App now Open to All with Publicly Available Beta

Signal Messaging App now Open to All with Publicly Available Beta

The encrypted Signal Messaging App for Desktop is now available for all and sundry together with publicly available Beta. With this development, users can now do almost all those things that competitor software can do. This is specifically for all the enthusiasts of end-to-end encryption.

The developers began testing the software in closed stage, four months back. Users just had access to it through an invitation program during the four months duration. Now that beta is opened officially, any interested person can experience the wonderful taste of Signal.

Signal messaging app is the encrypted messaging app that was developed by Open Whisper Systems, which has finally got to the beta testing stage for desktop computers. All users can buy Signal from the Chrome Web Store and must log in on their Android device; making use of the mobile variant of the app. Users can sync and continue their discussions over multiple devices by using the option to link the mobile and desktop environments.

On the other hand, users can begin to message their contacts in absolute discretion when they have registered with their phone numbers. The developers assure that each and every conversation gets nonstop encryption and there are zilch ads to be concerned about.

Signal messaging app lets users send text, audio files, videos and images, but it requires a bit of tinkering bringing it on the same level with its competitions. For instance, users are not capable of manually creating a group. As a result, they have to depend on the Android app for that. What else, at the moment, the app only works on Android, leaving iOS users at the back. Take a look at it on GitHub if you want to study the open-source code of this app.

Security expert has commended Signal for a job well done. The app received evaluations from NSA Edward Snowden, who lauded the competence of the software to establish private communications. Appreciations to its native back-to-back encryption support. It was reported by Google Play store that Signal witnessed between 1 and 5 million installs, with the customer rating of 4.5/5, which is a concrete indicator of the effectiveness of the app.

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